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Dear visitors,

I am pleased to be able to offer you in English some of the website pages of the institute I direct. This institute is based in Madrid, Spain, and has been in existence since 2005. It has extended its reach to Latin America, France, and now you.

Family constellations are in constant development and I wish to share with you articles and exercises that will allow you to understand and follow this development.

I present you with a selection of articles that help us to be in life from the principles of love to everything as it is and of service to life. We will deal with the main issues of life, such as illness, money, conflicts, etc. Several articles will also deal with the development of family constellations.

The exercises offered are devised for one single person, or to be done with someone else. They are systemic movements that provide us with both, greater understanding and fast healing, at once, of the everyday incidents of life. With them, we achieve a greater autonomy and understanding of what life is.

Through these exercises each person becomes responsible of her systemic liberation, learning to read the hidden meaning of life’s setbacks and freeing herself with love and respect from the influence of morphic fields, in order to get closer every day to a life with greater awareness and more happiness, strength and peace.

These exercises allow us to continue in the constellations energy, or to prepare for them.

Family constellations were created by Bert Hellinger in 1980 and have gone through a great transformation ever since. The new family constellations, or spiritual constellations, or constellations from the empty centre, take the form of an active, silent meditation, led only by the healing forces. The constellator does not intervene on representatives anymore.

The results of a constellation are very concrete and often astonishing, filling us with a new strength and a new joy of living.

We discover that everything we experience serves life, and that we all serve life.

I am at your disposal.

Brigitte Champetier de Ribes

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